How To Transform Your Life & Body



Taking ACTION!

In 2006 I watched Apolo Anton Ohno speed skate in the Winter Olympics and thought, “Man I could do that, I like speed, I like active, aggressive sports.” So I went to a local speed skating organization and asked if I could practice with them. After letting me skate for all of about five minutes with them, they quickly learned I had no clue what I was doing and everyone got a pretty good laugh out of it.

So I thought, Ok, I am not meant to be an Olympic speed skater but I chose to try. Though I gave it my best I was pretty bummed out. All of a sudden I developed this passion to find a sport I was good at and start competing. I tried everything from power lifting to motocross but couldn’t seem to find a sport where I excelled and was able to compete against the best.

That was until the 2010 Winter Olympics came along. I was sitting on the couch watching Seth Wescott (multiple Olympic Gold medalist) dominate the field in Men’s Boardercross. I was unfamiliar with the sport but it is very similar to motocross, but performed on snow. I googled local boardercross events and set out to try one more sport.  I won all four races I entered that season and ended up qualifying for the United States of America Snowboard Association (USASA) Nationals in Colorado. It has been two years now and I have qualified for and competed at Nationals two seasons in a row, completely surprising myself.

It is a true testament to what you can accomplish if you choose a goal, focus, persevere and set your mind to it. It may have taken me four years but I did it. It was not easy struggling through my own personal battles, as I am sure it is not easy for you.



Transformation. Mind, body, and spirit are directly related to the balance of each other. My father has always told me that you can do anything you want if you set your mind to it. We all have the power within to attract what we want in life, as well as what we do not want. As Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “Be careful what you wish for because you’re going to get it.” The energy you project out into the world will be exactly the type you receive back into your life. Your quality of life is what it is because of your thoughts, your energy, your health, and your lifestyle. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight but everyone has to start somewhere. Start where you are with what you have. Do not wait for something to change. “Don’t wait for an external change to make an internal move.”-Zig Ziglar. The time will never be just right; you have to want the change. You have to want to see the transformation take place in your life. Create a plan, maybe just start out writing down some thoughts about where you want to be in 3 months from now, a year, then 3 years, and 10. It’s funny how things begin to flow out of your mind and on to that sheet of paper or computer screen. As soon as you start thinking and writing, the energy begins to pour out and flow in the exact direction of your thoughts.


Write It Down

What are your dreams? Your dream job? Your dream car? Your dream fitness level? Write them down and post those dreams, ideas and goals all around the house. What do you do first thing in the morning? Those goals should be right there staring you in the face to remind you, to help you hold yourself accountable. It is only you that can create this change, create this momentum of positive action. Of course you’re going to have your up days and your down days. This is not an easy process but it is absolutely achievable. If being fit, healthy, and positive was easy then everyone would do it.  Losing 20lbs takes EFFORT, it takes FOCUS and you have to TAKE ACTION. Getting to that next level takes DISCIPLINE, it takes HARD WORK, and it takes COMPROMISE. Everyone has the ability to change his or her current status to a higher, healthier, happier level.


Don’t Settle

Do not just settle for where you are, even if you think it’s great, it can be BETTER. You must change internally to move forward, you must make compromises to fully transform your life. You must be willing to skip out on the happy hours and hit the gym for an hour. You do not have to jump into training for a marathon. You can start small if you have to by getting outside and walking. You don’t have to change your entire group of friends. Start by not being the crutch for that one person in your group of friends, co-workers, or family anymore.

 Start Small (But START)

Starting with small, obtainable goals will help you to reach your overall transformation. Dave Ramsey always says “Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else.” This is one of my top five favorite quotes. I love motivational and inspiring quotes from great leaders. Just as you can post your goals somewhere visible to continuously stay conscious of your direction and progress, you can post positive, uplifting quotes as well. It’s simple; don’t think too long about this process.

  • Use a quote as your screensaver
  • desktop background
  • laptop background
  • Smartphone background
  • Post them on a sticky note at your desk or office
  • On the dashboard of your car
  • Or on the mirror in the bathroom.

If you take these little steps to create change and momentum in your life, you become an enthusiastic, motivated, positively contagious person. You start to impact your friends, family, and co-workers without even knowing it. You literally exude an energy that everyone around you can feel.

All you have to do is start, there is no deadline to complete a transformation, it is an ever-evolving journey. Nobody is perfect and there is no flawless way to live. You can however improve your own life and the lives of those around you, you can take the reigns and point them in another direction. You can lose that weight, you can get that job or promotion, you can be a great father or mother, you can eat healthier, you can be a leader. You can transform your life.

The start line is right here, right now.


You are the one with the power to change, transform, and create the life, the mindset, and the body you have always wanted.


Start your transformation right now, create your vision, commit it to paper and persevere.  You CAN do anything you want if you set your mind to it.


Written by Adam Foote

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