At The 2011 IDEA World Fitness Convention

My name is Adam Foote and I am on a mission to help you lose weight and feel good about your body.


It is my true passion to help educate, motivate, and inspire as many people as possible to TAKE ACTION on creating a HAPPIER & HEALTHIER life through fitness and choosing the right mentality.


It all started when I was 12 years old, being very involved in the local baseball and basketball leagues, playing EVERY season since I was 5. I was diagnosed with a combination of diseases that left me hospitalized for weeks and wheelchair dependent for 3 months after. The doctors performed surgery on my knees, told me I had Rheumatoid arthritis and that I would probably never play sports again. LIFE ALTERING news for a 12 year old kid. I worked hard to regain full use of my legs and pushed myself hard to make a full recovery. I quickly regained my strength and got right back into sports and eventually made the high school lacrosse team. This is where “having the right mentality” all started for me.

In high school, my top two favorite classes were Weight Training 1 and Weight Training 2. Seriously :-D. I found myself helping all my friends at the gym and quickly became the “go-to” guy for my friends and family on all things health, fitness, and having the right mentality. I graduated, moved onto college, ended up hanging around a few of the wrong people, fell into a deep depression, became addicted to food,  and life took another unexpected turn.

I “woke up” one day in Central Booking (Baltimore City’s Jail), 30lbs overweight, scared, and confused. Somewhere along the way I had seriously screwed up. I had now jeopardized my entire future. I not only put a huge financial burden on my family, but I lost my job, I lost my girlfriend, I lost self-confidence, I almost got kicked out of college, AND (being a criminal justice major) I knew I would definitely have trouble getting a job in law enforcement after graduation.

There I was again…. being faced with some SERIOUS life altering decisions. I HAD to GET MY MIND RIGHT!

Though it was a long and tough road, I fought through all the legal battles, overcame my food addiction, graduated college, got a job at a local gym, and God led me back to my roots.. helping people change their life through fitness and choosing to focus on the right mentality.

The one thing that remained constant through all my personal struggles and personal accomplishments was my MENTALITY. Good or bad, my MENTALITY was the reason I was failing or succeeding. And that is still the case today. If I am having a tough day or struggling through something, I hit a point in the day where I have to mentally  FLIP THE SWITCH and GET MY MIND RIGHT.

It is my mission to help you develop the LIFE & BODY you truly want, focus on the RIGHT MENTALITY, cut out the bad habits, develop healthy new ones, get results and MAKE THEM LAST.


I am currently a fitness coach and personal trainer based in Ellicott City, Maryland, just west of Baltimore. I have my Bachelor’s degree from Towson University, C360 certified, HKC, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, and studying to take my CSCS exam

I train and work with a wide variety of people from youth athletes, to moms, dads, and professional athletes at